The Collected Fly-Fishing Works of Me (Updated)

Still more piscine scribblings from yours truly

Jon Gluck
3 min readJul 6, 2020


The author, in Chilean Patagonia

It turns out when I originally posted what was meant to be a complete list of my fly-fishing stories (below), I left out a few pieces. This post corrects that egregious error of self-promotion.

The three new stories included here are “Fly-Fishing on City Streets Is Weird. That’s Why I Love It” (The New York Times Magazine, August 5, 2020), “Here’s One More Reason to Visit Charleston This Fall” (Bloomberg Business Week, October 11, 2017), and “Catching a Bonefish: The Bucket List Adventure” (AARP The Magazine, April 2, 2018).

I hope you enjoy them.

And here’s the original post …

The Collected Fly-Fishing Works of Me

More piscine scribblings from yours truly

One thing I was pleasantly reminded of after I published this Father’s Day essay a few weeks ago is how many people love fly-fishing — not just doing it, but reading about it. Here are six other stories I’ve written on the subject. I invite you to check them out, and hope you enjoy them.

The Fly-Fishing Cure,” Airbnb Magazine, August 19, 2019



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